“Open banking is the way forward, but the topic is complicated – thanks to you we now know the art of the possible"


Our virtual workshops are dedicated to working with people to give them the opportunity to explore what open banking is and how digital apps can help support consumers.  It gives them the opportunity to raise issues and concerns in a safe environment and debate the issues that concern them most.


At DIGIMASS we believe that a well-informed workforce is key to how consumers can be transitioned to using open banking and digital apps to ultimately achieve financial well-being.  


Workshops can be tailored to your specific requirements, whether that be focusing on your strategy for utilising open banking applications or on assessing the impact these changes may have on your business.


Taking your agenda, we can work with your teams to facilitate the right outcomes, prepare them for organisation-wide cultural shift and help to facilitate new processes and procedures.


Ultimately what is important is that your workforce is informed, trained and prepared for the changes that digital can deliver and have a better understanding of where they fit into this new world.


We bring experienced consultants with a practical & deep understanding of debt management and its related activities.

We offer an expert practitioner-led approach that draws on in-depth knowledge of working within a broad spectrum of financial services businesses.


We provide simple, high quality solutions whether you are building new business propositions, planning to transition to a new operating model or seeking to remediate existing processes which are falling short of desired standards.


Digimass can support you through implementing change and ensure that your people are fully trained and engaged in delivering the exciting new world of digital. 


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“Insightful and thought provoking with the added bonus of being impartial”


“On a personal basis I have now started to use existing apps to manage both my finances and my spending habits”.


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