Promoting Solutions

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Now is the time that you should be promoting solutions  -  before they are needed.

Behavioural specialists will tell you that a little change can make a world of difference and that’s what a good financial management app can achieve. 

For consumers who have a bank account, the UK has one of the most technically advanced systems in the world open to all thanks to the development of Open Banking.  Despite this there are only 2 million users of the system.  

Whilst the use of open banking to create I&E statements is becoming more common we see very little evidence of signposting consumers to the many digital apps that will help them to better manage their finances. So, the big question is why and what to signpost and when can this best support your customers? If you’re only signposting in one direction and only when already in difficulty, then no wonder so many of them end up lost.

Need some help – reach out to us now at And in the meantime, why not survey your teams to ask them who uses digital apps and what they think the benefits may be to your consumers.

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