It's been a busy old week...

Creating the new word 'Debtdemic' certainly resonated with both individuals and companies across the country.  

Many of  you reached out to us because you were struggling financially, mainly due to job losses, and we hope we were able to help point you in the right direction with the added value benefits of digital apps and how to use them to get a better handle on your finances.

In respect of the businesses that approached us, including creditors, suppliers and fintech digital app providers, we hope that we have given you a flavour of how best to help consumers use apps to take control and to support themselves through these challenging times.

For us the important learning point has been that the majority of the people we have spoken to don't understand open banking and/or how digital apps work. Hence our campaign to empower consumers and to give them the opportunity to utilise readily available digital tools to their advantage.

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