How CATAX are helping start-ups

For start-up and SME businesses, understanding and claiming tax relief from HMRC is no easy task and as a result millions of pounds go unclaimed each year, despite the best efforts of both internal and external accountants. CATAX came on to our radar a few months ago and we were impressed by their specialist knowledge of how the UK tax relief system can provide benefits not easily identified by traditional business advisers and, as importantly, how then to navigate through the complexities of submitting claims that can maximise the opportunity for success. 

Offering a service where they uncover tax relief that businesses are entitled to reclaim from HMRC, we initially couldn't see any connection with our specific sector. However, it soon became clear that CATAX could identify opportunities for Fintech start-ups as well as debt advice and collection operators. In particular, if you invest in R&D, a term that is best defined by CATAX,  it is likely that you are not taking full advantage of what you are entitled to claim.  Whilst we recognise they are not the only providers of this service, we like their model and approach to clients. 

We recommend that groups reach out to Chats are for free and if they can help you create a tax advantage in respect of some of your investment then, given the opportunity, CATAX will take care of the rest.  

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