Have 1000’s of university students been financially disadvantaged because of Covid?

They chose their universities with care based on a number of factors. The quality and content of the course. The location of campus and the choice of living accommodation. The opportunity to interact and enjoy new experiences with others of their generation. Student life isn't just about the academic content. It is the whole experience of being a student and, in most cases, having the opportunity to grow as an individual. We know that nearly all students took out student loans in good faith. As we saw banners being hung from windows with the challenge '£9k for what' you can feel for those students who, like millions of their predecessors, will be burdened with debt for many years to come. Not just the loans but the overdraft and credit card balances that we all know they accrue over and above the loan itself.

We saw much advice being offered but did anyone direct them towards a financial digital app that might help them better manage their finances in the first place? One that could really help them with their financial education during a period when they could have benefitted from something more than just words of reassurance or banks and payday loan companies offering them additional facilities. Before we teach them how to borrow we really need to teach them how to better manage their money.

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