A Personal Insight from our CEO - Jan Mosiewicz

Ways to help manage the Debtdemic.

I used to think of each of my children as ‘one in a million’. Sadly, my youngest, who graduated this year and is still searching for permanent employment, now qualifies as ‘one in a million’ in a way that fills me with dismay – one of the million+ young people now searching for work.  That said, he is using apps to help him manage the treacherous waters of personal budgets and very tight cash-flow during a tough introduction to the world of work and self-management. He would never have heard of open banking, or apps that could help him without my personal involvement. His University didn’t point him in this direction, nor did his bank, nor did the Student Loan Company, nor have any of his service providers, including DWP and other .gov entities. The question is why not?

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