Meet the Team

The DIGIMASS team have a unique combination of knowledge and skills which, in some cases, not only spans decades but also spans commercial sectors. We are highly experienced in relation to the world of credit, debt, consumer protection, regulatory change, consumer rights, organisational transition (including associated behavioural change)  and more recently, digital applications across open banking. We have worked at Board Level across the Financial Services sector, worked with Government departments, interacted with industry regulators and supported numerous Free Advice initiatives. Most important of all we have had years of direct interaction with consumers in financial difficulty including those deemed to be vulnerable.

Jan Mosiewicz


Business adviser and L&D Consultant

Communications and Interpersonal Skills, 

Specialist in behaviour modification

Keynote Speaker and Presenter

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Bob Scott


Sandra Parry

COO & Programme Director

Operational Expert in Debt Management utilising open banking

Specialist in Target Operating Models 

Development & Deployment of strategic visions

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Hannah Luszniak

Business Analyst 

Expert knowledge in Debt Management & Target Operating Models

Donald Davies

Professionally Qualified Manager & Independent Consultant.  

Regulation Interpreter & Regulation Advisor to Boards and Executive in Financial Services 

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Chloe Parry

Freelance Social Media Coordinator

Content Creator

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