Communication Training

Our goal is to deliver training to your teams on how to maximise the use of open banking and digital apps to your consumers.



Developing the knowledge 


Change is always more successful when your workforce holds and applies the detail of what, why and how.  It is key that your workforce understands not only how to communicate this to end-users but also recognises the positive benefits that can accrue for all parties involved whilst at the same time, gaining reassurance that it will enhance and enrich their role rather than eliminate their job.


We offer an expert practitioner-led approach that draws on in-depth knowledge of working within a broad spectrum of financial service businesses.


We provide simple, high quality solutions whether you are building new business propositions, planning to transition to a new operating model or seeking to remediate existing processes which are falling short of desired standards.


How do we do this?


It takes skill and knowledge to help convert your customers to using open banking and digital apps.  We deliver specialised communication training, drawing on significant experience from the world of open banking and digital apps with practical knowledge & understanding of debt management and debt advice.


The key to success is identifying the various “points of benefit” both within and without your organisation and then capitalising on these opportunities. It is all too easy in a digital age to overlook the fact that even digital interaction must respond to human behaviour.


Key Deliverables

  • Continuous upturn in the utilisation of digital services with concurrent cost savings and improved data utilisation


  • Enhanced customer journey with consequential improvements in customer’s ability to both manage I&E and benefit from on-going access to real-time financial data


  • Greater adherence to repayment plans both pre and post default with consequential positive impact on impairment and bad debt provisions where applicable


  • Substantive reduction in customer complaints


  • Greater job satisfaction for customer facing employees


  • Enhanced skill sets that are transferable to other applications


  • Minimisation of time used to gather and collate data for purposes of delivering financial advice


  • Maximisation of time available for delivering appropriate guidance and generating positive behavioural changes

“Others have always focussed on the technical perspective of digital and open banking. It was refreshing to see this in a new light with the focus on benefits to consumers, advisers and business”.


“Without communication training it simply isn’t possible to promote the benefits of change and why it is important to our business” 


​“It’s about doing more with the same resources” 


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