DIGIMASS is a non-profit third sector organisation created to orchestrate and help facilitate the boundaries-convergence of debt management, and debt education.

We support the commercial sector and the free money advice sector in:

  • expanding its understanding of new and emerging digital applications, and

  • how these can be further developed to support the financially challenged and vulnerable public and consumer population across the UK.


We are advocates of financial awareness education and we collaborate across the sector to push the financial awareness education agenda to government, non-government agencies, local authorities, and others within the public and consumer Debt Sector.


As a think-tank, we act as intermediaries for those commercial, governmental, technology and consumer organisations that are critical in bringing about a more long-term, systemic, and effective national treatment capability to the nation’s debt management issues.

Contact support@digimass.org

Digimass Limited is a limited liability company limited by guarantee.

Registered at 22 Crest Close, Stretton, Burton upon Trent, DE13 0GW.

The company is registered in England and Wales,

Registration Number 12073514

Digimass logo generously donated by artist Souren Mousavi